My Artworks

The development of a work begins with a theme that brings a rain of ideas that are gradually ordered to create a sketch that will be modified as the creative process progresses. When I create a work beyond looking at what art movement belongs, I seek to express a message through it, because at the moment of its creation I feel that one can make a fusion, unless the artist is very clear that he wants a work has all the characteristics of a specific movement. So if I had to explain to what movements my works could be adjusted I would say that to conceptual, postmodern, urban and contemporary art.

Conceptual art because it goes beyond the physical object produced by the artist, are concepts and ideas, are proposals for analysis that show the intention of the artist who uses semiotic research (study of signs), such as: our clothes, cars, language … etc. The sign seeks to convey a message. A sign can acquire a connotation such as: indicate luxury, sensuality or elegance. The sign can also acquire a meaning. All this to seek a reflective contemplation.

Postmodern art because they can be figurative, without rejecting the abstract; seeks to create combinations by mixing things, using technology based on images (for example, television, video, computers, Internet and screen printing) and inclusion of novel elements.

Urban Art that seeks to communicate with drawings of everyday life awareness about what happens in society, community and the dangers facing the world.

And Contemporary Art because they are works of original creation that leave my imprint as the author of the work, use different media and also promote questions because art is not separate from life and the world in which we live.

By Mar