Spirituality and Mandalas

Pure gold (is a metal soft, bright, yellow, heavy, malleable and ductile transition, has been used as a symbol of purity, value, royalty) located around the head of Buddha it represents wisdom, male energy, the sun, vitality and wealth. This color is present in the guides energies and the chakras. His strength and offer protection effulgent nature and purity, and high vibrations cleanse and purify. The gold purifying properties can be used in the display to clear chakras and aura.

7 lines represent the work the intellectual and spiritual development and symbolizes a sacred number in this work are all the colors of our energy centers. In its colors (healing therapy through color) can be found sympathy, health, creativity, confrontation with our fears, self-confidence, self-control, good relationships, abundance, peace, serenity, vitality and emotional balance. The orange color symbolizes female energy and connection with nature. Among the images of the garden is Ganesha, remover of obstacles of our material and spiritual path, is the God of good luck gives prosperity and fortune. Protects against negativity and jealousy. It represents the balance between masculine and feminine energy.

Buddha is not a god, was a wise and Master. His image is only a representation that resembles a spiritual path of kindness and love The Four Noble Truths: suffering is inherent in existence. The origin of suffering is sensual desire: the tastes and pleasures of the senses, the things that incite or satisfy and people fond of them; the pursuit of an already complete identity and absolute annihilation.

The Noble Eightfold Path is the method to follow to stop the suffering.

The Noble Eightfold Path: right understanding, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood modes, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration.

Buddhist concepts

Three Characteristics of Existence (three marks of existence): Three brands, three seals, the Three Realities. This fundamental teaching of Buddhism explains the nature of the phenomena of the perceived world, which have three universal characteristics:

• Anitya: impermanence.
• Anātman: insubstantiality (absence of a permanent ego).
• Duḥkha: suffering, discontent or dissatisfaction.

Karma: (Sanskrit) Causality, Law of cause and effect. Intentional action. Seed. Conditioning. According to Buddhism, any intentional action (karma) creates one or more effects that appear when the circumstances are prone to what is called maturation (vipaka) or fruit (phala). Karma pursuant to the Buddhist doctrine refers to any action of speech or thought body. Therefore those outside the movement intentionality, as in the case of reflejos- acts are karmically neutral. However, any movement of the will is karma even if not consciously.

Male Energy (SOL)

The work contains a Rainbow that symbolizes the colors that make up our energy. There are the Tattwas or elements (earth, water, air, fire and ether) related to the chakras (subtle energy centers), the lower ones, the ones closest to the earth, related to the physical and practical aspects of life and the superiors that represents the mental aspect and the higher states of consciousness and expression. Connect the Polarities.

This beautiful metallic color reflector characteristic of the golden metal has a special brightness when it appears in the aura. This color is present in the guide energies and in the chakras. Its strength and glowing nature offer protection and purity, and its high vibrations clean and purify. The purifying properties of gold can be used in visualization to cleanse the chakras and the aura.

Contains Yantras or power diagrams of each Energy Center. Meditating in a Yantra tunes in with the vibrations and the consciousness of the Meditator is attracted to the planes that represents symbolically

This work made in acrylic on canvas and gems, is the result of an exciting journey in the search for the interior of art inspired by nature and its forms by the French artist Sèraphine Louis, belonging to the painters “naifs” or also called “painters” of the Sacred Heart “; who manifested that he began to paint at the direction of the angels and the virgin. This painting seeks through its center to carry out a harmonic spiritual search through calmness. In this center we expect strength and energy, as well as balance, silence and serenity.
It is a dance of color around a concentric shape that evokes the nature of the leaves and flowers of the honored artist, who represents a great inspiration for me in the making of this painting because even though Seraphine did not study painting and worked as a maid, managed to capture in his works the garden of nature that between reality and fantasy mixed and absorbed all his spirit until empty and unbalanced until his death. It left us as a teaching to those we love and respect nature to speak and embrace trees and flowers, constitute an act of inspirational affection for our artistic creations and that only the powerful desire for expression of our spirit is enough, because the materials and knowledge can be created by our imagination and prepared in an artisanal way to achieve the goal.

This painting seeks to be an instrument of meditation for those who practice it, wish to practice it or for those who seek to harmonize a place, by teaching affection towards nature that she left us through a resplendent heart that evokes all the sacred and mystical that means she for the art world. The colors used seek to produce through their vibrations a balanced union between body, mind and spirit. Look for a spiritual movement towards the opening of love, which inspires us to be good, to be kind, friendly and compassionate. The most powerful and liberating energy we have is LOVE. It brings peace, inner beauty and intellectual power. These colors seek a balance to strengthen the body, symbolize the cycle of harmony of nature, economic abundance, prosperity, passion, love, youth, happiness and the feeling of union.

The gems used seek to be a complement to the colors chosen for this work to achieve natural balance, through the universal power they have to put energy in circulation. They have been created by our planet and its elements unite us with the nourishing and protective force of the Earth. They are possessors and transmitters of light, purity and energy. They harmonize our mind, our body and our spirit. Together with colors and shapes they are an energy healing therapy. In addition they can also function as a guide in meditation.

“Art is a self healing, therefore an artistic image that comes from the spirit is seen by the mind and affects the spiritual and physical body.”

Tibetan bowls are metal containers whose function is to emulate the sounds of nature. The bowls are regularly found in the Himalayas and in several neighboring countries such as China, Thailand and Japan.

Tibetan bowls are usually formed by the alloy of seven metals: gold, silver, mercury, tin, lead, iron and copper, and are forged by hand.

They are very used in meditation, because they provoke unique and rich sounds in harmony that lead the body to a state of absolute well-being and peace.

The singing bowls are based on the Principle of resonance, which says that a vibration with greater intensity and harmony manages to infect another more diffuse and unhealthy.

This work also has Mandalas or circles where the universal is reflected, the center behind all visible nature, it is an active Meditation that allows us to connect with our essence, expanding our consciousness and improving our communication with others.

Red is the symbol of life, its presence denotes strength, vitality, generosity, ambition, loving nature, mind and a powerful will.

The orange represents a harmonizing and constant balancing activity. The orange expresses the vital force, the energy of the Sun, wisdom and powers of reasoning. From the psychological point of view, orange generates activity and vigilance.}

Gray denotes a deep power of concentration and perseverance. The color brown denotes capacity for organization and administration. It is the color of the businessman. Black represents the power of renewal.

Title: Garden of Buddha
Technique : Mixte Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2017

Title: Prosperity Buddha
Technique: Mixte acrylic on canvas
Year: 2014

Title: Evolution
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2013

Title: Tibetan Sound and Buddha
Technique: Mixte Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2016

Title: Love towards nature
Technique: Mixte Acrilic on canvas
Year: 2014

Technique: Mixte acrylic on canvas
Year: 2014

Title: We are also energy
Technique: Mixte acrylic on canvas
Year: 2014

The colors of this rainbow stimulate the flow of energy to abundance, Mental Clarity, Love, Happiness, Inner Peace and Compassion. Releasing the energy to unity, transcends thought and ego. The essential truth is the consciousness that is within us as a light and flows within our body reaching its maximum expression: Harmony.

Mandalas Harmonized with color therapy.

Title: Essential truth
Technique: Mixte Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2014

This picture makes split Mandalas Collection: Essential Truth. This harmonized ducted Angeles and Mantras. (Taoism to attract Harmony: Balance Yin and Yang).

Title: Mental energy
Technique: Mixte Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2016

This picture makes split Mandalas Collection: Essential Truth. This harmonized ducted Angeles and Mantras. (Taoism to attract Harmony: Balance Yin and Yang).

Title: Dynamic balance
Technique: Mixte Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2016

Looking for the balance of Ying and Yang: Male Female Principle and Taoism to find Harmony)Mental Energy. Dynamic balance represents the continuous transformation because nothing is absolute, everything is relative and dual.

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